Demo Academy Courses

Our Demo Academy Courses Fall Within The Occupationally-Directed Education & Training Development Sub-Framework on the NQF. Get Qualified While you Work!

Our Approach to Education and Training

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Traditional Learning

We provide Contact Tutorial sessions in traditional classroom style teaching format. These sessions cover both theoretical and some practical components of the training. Number of days of attendance on these sessions varies from course to course and the learner’s choice between blended and e-learning options on our courses.


Some of our courses can be completed entirely online. Students access their course material and assignments through the Student Zone and are linked to online Tutors and Assessors who support the learner through the online LMS (Learning Management System). We also offer blended learning which combines E-Learning with some attendance on Contact Tutorials and Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in the learners’ workplace.

Blended Learning

This approach incorporates a mix of traditional Contact Tutorial sessions in a classroom type setup and E-learning with materials and assessments conducted online.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Most occupationally-directed (OD-ETD) training has a fairly large component of the learning taking place in the learner’s workplace. At Demo Academy we provide numerous support mechanisms to support this learning. From appointment of workplace Mentors and Coaches, systems to manage learners logging of work experiences related to their learning and ongoing access to their course Tutor, WIL has never been so well supported.

Learnerships and Skills Programmes

At Demo Academy we specialize in offering Learnerships. This is where a learner completes a full qualification within a particular work environment and includes both attendance on Contact Tutorials and Work Integrated Learning. A learnership involves a three-way contract between Demo Academy, the student and the employer.

We also offer a range of short credit-bearing courses known as skills programmes. This allows learners to accumulate credits towards a full qualification.