Can you imagine having a passive monthly income of a few thousand rands or even tens of thousands of rands each month – for life? If you think this sounds great, read on…

Let’s say you run a business consulting in the SETA accredited training sector, perhaps offering services such as assisting your clients obtain SETA or QCTO accreditation, recruitment and training of ETD Practitioners, procurement or development of training materials and perhaps even SDF work. Or maybe you’re employed in the sector and have a lot of knowledge and experience of the SETA accredited training landscape and you’re looking for ways to compliment your monthly income?

If any of these scenarios describes you then you are the perfect SkillsGuru Affiliate!

Is the SkillsGuru Platform something you could sell to your clients?

Read On…

Becoming an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate of the SkillsGuru product is easy. Before explaining how to sign up, let’s look at some of the potential and explain how it works.

The SkillsGuru website has affiliate tracking software installed on it so when you sign up, you will be given a unique code that you can use to direct clients to view the product and subscribe to it. The client will see the website just as it is but because they got to the website following your link, if they sign up for a subscription, your commission will automatically be allocated to your affiliate account. And because it’s a monthly subscription based product, you will continue to be paid your commission every month for the life of the client’s subscription!

Due to the cost of setting up the platform for a client, they are required to sign up for a 2-year contract so you are guaranteed a minimum of two years of monthly payments for each client you sign up. But most likely, being such an awesome product, client’s will stay on for life. Once they have all their data in the system and see how much the platform improves and benefits their training operations, who would want to leave?

If you have a website or want to send out emails to clients, we can provide you with some awesome banners with your affiliate code embedded in it. Because we want to help you become the most successful affiliate you can be.

So, “how much can I earn?” is probably a question on your mind at this point. Let’s look at a scenario:

Firstly, it’s important to explain that although your commission is set at a rate of 20%, in effect you are actually getting closer to 50% of the profit generated from each client you sign up. That is because 50% of the monthly subscription fee that a client pays is covering the monthly cost of their platform that includes costs to SkillsGuru such as webhosting fees, software licence fees and time setting up and maintaining the client’s site. Your 20% is therefore a generous commission as you will be earning more or less the same per client as SkillsGuru earns without the stress of having to service your clients! That’s our job and we love it!

Let’s look at a potential earning scenario for affiliates:

Year Clients signed up Total clients Monthly Income
1 35 35 R4200
2 43 78 R9360
3 52 130 R15600

*Note: this scenario is based on the mid-range Standard Subscription of R599/month

The best thing about this income? It’s passive! Sign up a client and earn your monthly commission forever!

Fill and submit the application form and we will add you as an affiliate so you can start earning today.

White Label Opportunities

If you are a company specializing in services in the SETA accredited training sector, why not consider having SkillsGuru white labelled to your own brand.

What does this mean?

SkillsGuru will create a clone of the SkillsGuru platform and brand it with your company logo, contact details and so on. To clients, it will appear to be your product. The affiliate system will still operate the same but you may find that your clients trust your brand better than SkillsGuru which they may not have heard of and so you may find making sales easier if it is branded as your own product. Contact [email protected] if you would like to White Label the SkillsGuru platform.

Sign up as a SkillsGuru Affiliate

You will need to have a PayPal account in order to receive your automated payments for clients you sign up. If you do not have a PayPal account, sign up for one HERE

This MUST be the same email as your PayPal account email.
You can also ask any questions you may have here.
The username must be all small letters, no blank spaces and letters only. This will appear in your affiliate link so keep it short and descriptive e.g. your name or company name.
The password must be at least 8 characters long, should include letters, numbers, characters e.g. #@$, etc. and should have a mix of capital and small letters.

About SkillsGuruTM

SkillsGuru is a training platform that has been designed specifically for the SETA accredited training market. It has the following key features:

  • It’s a website – it provides a professional and great looking interface between a training company, college, academy or FET college and it’s ‘public’ which would include enrolled students and the general public (potential students). It can be used for promoting courses and events, keeping students informed and engaging with students. It has some great features such as staff and student forums, online procedures; for example, a student can lodge an appeal online and much more. In the case where a potential client already has a website, it can become a training portal on their existing site.
  • It’s an LMS – Learning Management Systems are becoming more and more essential to any training provider that wants to stay on top of the training game. The LMS includes feature such as E-learning courses for distance learning and Blended courses that feature some E-learning with other components of learning such as attending lectures, practicals and work integrated learning (WIL). Learner Data is managed in a way that it can be exported to a SETA’s MIS once the learner load specifications for that particular SETA have been configured properly.
  • It’s a QMS – anyone in the training sector will know that accreditation is not possible without a training Quality Management System. The QMS includes a range of online policies and procedures where each step of the training cycle is documented and recorded in an online database from which various forms of reports can be generated and through which management can keep its finger on the pulse of all training activities in the organization. It also includes an online Document Management System for managing versions and revisions of the QMS policies and procedures.
  • It’s an HRD Platform – many companies have their own internal accredited training unit that focusses mostly on internal human resource development. SkillsGuru includes a module for managing the ATR and WSP processes, collects data that can be exported to the SETA MIS and provides a range of tools to SDF’s to better manage their roles and keep their fingers on the pulse of skills development in their organization.

All this awesome power comes at the amazingly affordable subscription rates ranging from R399/month to R899/month! That’s right, even a small start-up training company can afford it.

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