Welcome to the Technical Zone!

Scroll down and you will find a range of tutorial videos to assist you with just about anything you need to do on your SkillsGuru training platform. You can also open a support ticket if you are having technical issues or problems on your site that will require GuruWeb to assist you with (please only open a ticket if you have already watched the relevant video tutorial and are still stuck).

Please complete the form below the videos if you have a suggestion for a tutorial video that would assist you with something you need to do on your platform and that is not covered by the existing tutorials below.

Video Tutorials

Watch and Learn

Changing your site identity

Editing the toolbar (topbar)

Editing Images and Content in your website sliders

Editing your website footer (bottom bar) content

Editing content on pages on your website

Adding a news or blog article to your website

Schedule courses using the events calendar

Creating Homepage Events

Revising your QMS Documents

Uploading new documents and adding links on the front-end

Exporting QMS Data for upload to SETA MIS

Setting up course registrations and payment gateways

Suggest a Video Tutorial

Suggestion for a new tutorial video

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